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Chapter Three: The Belt of Truth


Opening activity:

I hope you didn’t cringe when you read the first paragraphs of this chapter. You don’t have to play dodge ball. Although if you lead an active group (youth, young adults, the young at heart), a good game of dodge ball will get you in the spirit for this chapter. But I do have another suggestion for an opening activity that won’t cause any bruising – coloring! Many people are visual learners and they remember things best when they create something visual. So download a coloring page from one of the following sites, bring in some crayons, and have fun!

My personal favorite

Armor of God coloring pages and activities

A very basic soldier

Teddy bears in the Armor of God

Opening discussion:


Speaking of dodge ball, let your group describe their experiences with the game (or sports in general). Are they intense players, half-hearted stand-ins, or “don’t let me get hit” avoiders?

Other discussion points:

The second paragraph of this chapter says that sometimes Satan can “discourage us enough that we take ourselves out of the game and sit on the sidelines.” Have you ever been trying to do something good but felt so discouraged that you wanted to quit? Or have you been hurt by someone you were trying to help and you wanted to give up? Did you realize that these experiences were part of a spiritual battle?

Satan’s lies are everywhere, and many of them are targeted at who Jesus was, whether the Bible is true, and what God wants from us. As a group, make a list of some of the things you have heard about God, Jesus, or the Bible which trouble you. Don’t try to analyze them now; just list them. Then consider planning a future Bible study or two around finding the truth about these troubling claims.

What are you doing to study and learn God’s Word? If you have a system that works for you, that gets you into the Bible on a regular basis, share it with your group. If you struggle to find time for the Bible, or you don’t get much out of daily readings, share that with your group. Then encourage each other to make Bible study an important part of your life.

Additional resources:

Many churches provide schedules for reading through the Bible in a year. If your church does not, look on-line for a downloadable schedule. It’s also great to subscribe to an e-mail devotional like Encouraging Words from ChristianityToday.com. You can subscribe at

Encouraging Words